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The permeability, noted by κ, is one of the most important properties of porous materials. It relates the vector of flux of fluid's flow q through the pore network of a porous medium and the fluid pressure gradient ∇p such as: q = -(κ/μ) ∇p where μ is the fluid's viscosity. This tool provides some basic calculations of the permeability of porous media including the famous Kozeny-Carman's theory and its deviations (Kozeny, 1927; Carman, 1937; Mavko and Nur, 1997; Carrier, 2003; Costa, 2006; Xu and Yu, 2008; Bear, 2013). These semi-empirical models relate the permeability to the porosity (effective porosity or connected porosity that excludes the closed pores) of the medium. They could be employed to extrapolate, for each type of material, data measured on several samples to a large porosity range.

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