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Extraction of underground resources (oil, gas, water, coal, etc.) can cause reservoir's compaction that can lead to the subsidence of the above surface. Such phenomena at a certain important degree may lead to the damage of the civil and petroleum structures installed above the compacted reservoir (buildings, roads, tunnels, petroleum platform, casing and cement sheath, etc.). Compaction of a fluid reservoir during the production process and related subsidence can be modeled as functions of the reservoir's fluid pressure decrease, reservoir's geometry and rock's properties (Geertsma, 1973; Rudnicki, 1999; Fjaer et al., 2008).

Below, an online tool is provided, on the basis of the famous strain nucleus model (Geertsma, 1973), for modeling the subsidence above a disk-shaped reservoir that is defined by a radius R, a thickness H and the static drained isotropic elastic properties (Young modulus E and Poisson ratio ν, note that elastic properties derived from compressional and shear sonic wave velocities need to be corrected with saturation and dynamic effects). The reservoir is located at a depth D and has a fluid pressure decrease of δP.

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Subsidence above compacting oil and gas reservoir.
Subsidence above a compacting oil and gas reservoir.

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Reservoir's depth D (m)

Reservoir's radius R (m)

Reservoir's thickness H (m)

Drained Young modulus of reservoir's rock (GPa)

Poisson ratio of reservoir's rock

Reservoir's fluid pressure reduction δP (MPa)

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